Dashboard code rollback [FEAT - 1203]

It would be great to have a feature where previously deployed versions of your code are available to “rollback to”.
As an example, let’s say I roll out a feature to LIVE on Saturday, and find a bug a few days later on Tuesday. I would like an easy way to create a multidev where I could restore a backup of my site to, and choose the previously deployed tag for code on that multidev.

Or, as an additional example, I think the only way I would know how to do this… if I deploy a change to LIVE, and there is immediately a problem, I can restore my database/files via the “Backup” tab, but to rollback my code I would need to push a new commit to DEV (master) and promote it up through the environments. If I could restore via backups, and also rollback to a previous version of code, that would be ideal.

Hey @dpagini! Sorry I missed this one! This is a really great idea :bulb: I am going to find the Product Owner here & make sure they see your feature request. In case they are interested in connecting would that be okay with you?

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Yes, of course, please.

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Was just about to raise something similar. Was thinking that a button on the backups screen that would build a multi-dev based on a specific backup instance would speed things up when trying to triage issues that may have crept in in recent updates

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Thanks for popping in here to +1 this! Looking at the JIRA ticket, it appears a few customers have asked for this! I will continue to keep a close eye on this feature request & of course provide any updates I can. Keep the feedback coming!